Creating a Culture of Safety

International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week takes place June 14-20, 2015. This year’s theme is Creating a Culture of Safety. Members of the fire and emergency services are encouraged to use this week to focus on safety and health training and what you can do to create a culture of safety in your community, your department, and for yourself.

What Fire Service Leaders Are Saying...

“Creating a culture of safety in our departments and communities is the first step to effectively protecting life and property. I encourage chiefs, chief officers, and everyone in the fire and emergency service to fully embrace and participate this year in International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week.”

– Chief G. Keith Bryant, IAFC President and Chairman

“Creating a culture of safety will result in fewer fatalities, injuries, and illnesses, resulting in a stronger, more resilient fire and emergency service. Together, we can achieve culture change and reduce the risks our responders face.”

– Chief Philip C. Stittleburg, NVFC Chairman