Save the Date!

The 2015 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week will be held June 14-20.

We encourage you to continue to “Train Like You Fight” and focus on health and safety all year by continuing to use the resources on this web site.

Safety and Health Week Webinars

Two free webinars were held during Safety and health week. View the recorded webinars and download the slides on the Planning page of this web site.

Fire Service Safety and Health Quiz

The 200 randomly selected winners of the Safety and Health Week Quiz are now available! These individuals will receieve a specially made challenge coin commemorating the 2014 Safety and Health Week. View the winners now.

Share Your Resources

Share your department’s 2014 Safety and Health Week resources, media coverage, activities, and what you plan to do to keep the momentum going all year long. Click here to access the form.

What Fire Service Leaders Are Saying...

“The success of emergency incident operations are a direct reflection of a commitment to training. All habits, good and bad, are formed during training so it is critical that our focus be on ensuring the highest quality opportunities possible for our most important resource ‒ our responders.”

– Battalion Chief Matthew Tobia, IAFC's Safety, Health and Survival Section Chair

“Utilizing fire training programs that conform to the highest professional standards and operating a safe fire training ground at all times are two of the NVFC’s priorities for health and safety. Training is vital to firefighters and EMS personnel, and our job is dangerous enough without adding to it by being lax or unprepared during the very same activities designed to make us ready for the next call.”

– Chief Philip C. Stittleburg, NVFC Chairman